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Regeneration in Augmented Reality


AR experiences for the exhibition, "Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898-1971", at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Regeneration AR Experiences

What We Did

Motion Design | Visual Design | Augmented Reality (AR) Development

Check It Out

See it at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures until April 9, 2023

The Challenge

A wealth of data was collected by the curators of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures' exhibition, Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898-1971—far beyond what could fit within the walls of the museum. Since the physical gallery space poses limitations on how much data is available to visitors, the curators determined that Augmented Reality was a key component of the exhibition.

The Regeneration interactive database is the core informational asset at the heart of Regeneration’s in-gallery AR and web interactive experiences. All of the data that appears in the AR experiences lives in this database, making it foundational to the exhibition’s digital experience.

The Experience

Some galleries in Regeneration feature minimal didactic context. Using AR, exhibition visitors can explore a deeper layer of data and connection to the database. We created two AR moments—the "Regeneration Map" and "Glamour Wall."

We utilized 8th Wall with web-based AR to deliver these experiences. Visitors scan a QR code to trigger an experience, and can then explore film data in the context of what they are seeing in the gallery.

Regeneration Map

The in-gallery “Regeneration Map” looks at Black production companies through the lens of geography. Gallery visitors can discover relevant production and film data in AR, in proper geographic positioning relative to the map.


Regeneration Map motion test

Glamour Wall

The in-gallery “Glamour Wall” is a grid of 51 glamour headshots of Black performers from the Hollywood studio era. Visitors can view details of each profile in AR by scanning the headshots. 


Glamour Wall motion test


The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures