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Bentley: The New Flying Spur


We partnered with United Digital Group to create a smooth and luxurious experience for the launch of Bentley’s New Flying Spur.

Bentley: The New Flying Spur

What We Did

Web Development & Animations

The Challenge

Test the limits of the HTML5 canvas to build an ambitious microsite in an almost impossible timeline.

The Experience

As users scrolled through the site we gave them the feel of the impressive acceleration of the New Flying Spur by illustrating the distribution of torque between the front and rear axles using the HTML5 canvas.

We paid close attention to the performance and feel of the transitions on the site to help ensure that the experience of the car was matched by the experience of the site - silky smooth animation and soft, subtle transitions.

We made sure cropping and sizing adjusted well to every desktop screen size visitors might be experiencing the site in, framing gorgeous assets and illustrations of the car as they transitioned vertically and horizontally through the space.